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Best Litter Box for Your Cats

Best Litter Box for Cats: What to Know Before You Shop

With so many types of cat litter boxes available, how do you know which one's right for your lil' stinker? This list walks you through the best options out there.

Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs, According to a Veterinarian

The best dog food for sensitive stomachs varies by dog, but our top picks for puppies, adults, and seniors will give you a foundational understanding of what’s available.

How To Clean a Litter Box

How To Clean a Litter Box: Tips for a Fresher Home and a Happier Cat

Even cat lovers hate cleaning the litter box. But keeping it clean will go a long way towards giving your furry friend their best life. Here's how.

best dog food

The Best Dog Food Brands, According to a Veterinarian

Choosing the best dog food can feel a bit overwhelming. We put together this list of top choices so you can find the best for your pup.

Dog sleeping in his bed

The Best Dog Beds You Can Find Online Right Now

Our review of the best dog beds takes a closer look at all the options for pups, including orthopedic support and options for seniors.

How Often to Clean a Litter Box

How Often to Clean a Litter Box, According to Veterinarians

This chore has a direct impact on your pet’s health, so we asked the experts for a definitive answer on how often to clean a litter box.

best Dry Dog Food

The Best Dry Dog Foods, According to Veterinarians

To find out what makes the best dry dog food, we asked veterinarians for their insights on nutrition and other pet health factors to consider.

Best Self Cleaning Litter Box

The Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes of 2023

From high-end smart features to basic models, we’ve rounded up the best self-cleaning litter boxes for your cat—including a test of the popular Whisker Litter Robot 4.

Best Automatic Cat Feeders

The 8 Best Automatic Cat Feeders: Which is Right for Your Pet?

Never let your fur baby go hungry again! The best automatic cat feeders on offer today include Wi-Fi, cameras, and the ability to dispense wet or dry food.

Best Dog Food for Weight Loss

Best Dog Food for Weight Loss: Dry, Wet, and Fresh Options for Healthier Meals

If your dog is overweight, this lineup of the best dog foods for weight loss may help them live a longer and healthier life.

Best Flea Treatments for Cats

The Best Flea Treatments for Cats, According to Veterinarians

Whether it’s preventative or an intervention, read our guide to the best flea treatments for cats and expert advice from pet professionals.

Best Halloween Dog Costumes

Best Halloween Dog Costumes: 12 Options to Dress Up Your Pet

The best dog Halloween costumes are cute and fun, but extra-cozy for your puppy too. These vampires, coffee cups, sloths, bears, and dinosaurs are 2023’s best!

Litter robot 4 review

Litter Robot 4 Review: We Tested the Ultimate Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

A quiet and odorless, self-cleaning cat box that you only empty once a week sounds like a dream come true, but does the Litter Robot 4 live up to the hype?