5 Great Blogs About Finance and Economics

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Updated August 11, 2020

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Finance and Economic Blogs

  • Small Business Administration
  • The Financial Revolutionist
  • TaxBuzz
  • FiveThirtyEight
  • Zero Hedge

The world of finance and economics is always changing - and the flow of information about new regulations, market changes, new best practices, or new software or tech platforms for managing the financial world is near-constant. Keeping tabs on all this information for those working in the financial world can be a challenge, as it can be to find the best sources of information to stay on top of the pile.

And yet, just plugging in to a few reputable sources of information on finance and economics can save a lot of time, frustration, and energy. Here are five great blogs about finance and economics.

Small Business Administration

While the SBA doesn't serve up an exclusively financial blog, they nevertheless cover a variety of topics relating to finance, especially where small business owners are concerned. The SBA blog provides valuable and up-to-date information for all business owners on everything from taxes and insurance to microeconomics and wages.

The Financial Revolutionist

The Financial Revolutionist, run by finance mavens Gregg Schoenberg and Robert H. Jaeger, is an on-point publication about everything finance. With laser-like precision, the Revolutionist guides the reader through emerging technologies and reforms to the finance industry as well as future financial trends that will change the way we live and work - and especially the way we think about and use money. Their goal is to usher everyone into the future of finance - because the future of finance is the future of work and business as well.


Contrary to its name, TaxBuzz doesn't just cover taxes - it also covers small business growth, company roles, and personal finance, particularly for solopreneurs and small business owners. TaxBuzz represents an accurate and up-to-date grab bag on all things finance - and it's a great resource for business owners and entrepreneurs come tax season.


Although a lot of their most recent work has been about the new US president's administration, FiveThirtyEight's economics blog covers global and national economic trends and policies, the student debt crisis, job market growth, and a host of other topics of interest in micro and macroeconomics. FiveThirtyEight isn't just for economists; if you're a business owner, employee, or just interested in national and world economics, it offers a wealth of valuable information, and can help the reader understand how economic trends shape their everyday lives.

Zero Hedge

With a direct and unapologetic approach, Zero Hedge covers a variety of economic trends and related subject matter from tax cuts and reforms to financial crime cases and global economic crises. Zero Hedge carries a conservative tone, but their blog is fairly well-researched - making it a valuable asset for anyone interested in or studying economics.

Knowledge of finance and economics is essential to understanding the present and future of work, business, money, and political development - as well as essential to understanding how economic and financial trends influence and effect our everyday lives. These blogs about finance and economics are just a few of the best resources on finance and economics on the web - and all are well worth the read.

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