5 Subreddits About Early Childhood Education and Development

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Updated August 11, 2020

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Early Childhood Education and Development Subreddits

  • Teaching Resources
  • Special Education
  • Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Early Childhood Education Professionals

As a teacher specializing in early childhood education and development, you should think outside of the box and use different websites like Reddit when tracking down resources to use with your students. Reddit is fairly unique in terms of social networking sites because it lets you create an anonymous account that you use for posting in forums called subreddits. The top subreddits for teachers offer plenty of resources, let you ask for help and get feedback from other educators.

Teaching Resources

With a name like Teaching Resources, you might expect this subreddit to focus on practical things that you can use, but it includes loads of information for teachers working with both younger and older students. The top posts, which you can see when you visit the page, may include quotes from famous educators, videos teachers share of their students or questions from current students interested in teaching. More than 7,000 Reddit users subscribed to this subreddit.

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Special Education

If you work with younger children, you may find yourself working around those with disabilities and handicaps, including those not yet diagnosed by a medical professional. The Special Education subreddit offers a lot of useful information, including tips on getting children involved, effective methods of showing students what they did wrong and simple games that kids of all ages will love. This subreddit also lets you vent about the issues that you experienced in the classroom, problems you had with parents and even issues between yourself and other teachers. This subreddit has nearly 3,000 subscribers and daily users.


One of the best subreddits for anyone who teaches or has an interest in education is the aptly named Education subreddit. As one of the oldest and most popular subreddits, it has more than 50,000 subscribers, which includes a number of users who post every day. The downside to this subreddit is that anyone can post anything that pertains to education, which may lead to the top posts relating to education laws or new policies. Education does have its own search box though that lets you use a keyword or phrase and find all posts from that subreddit relating to that topic.

Educational Technology

Many school districts believe in the importance of teaching kids about new forms of technology, which is why you may want to visit and subscribe to the Educational Technology subreddit. This is where teachers do when they want to discuss new forms of technology they can use with their students and when they want to learn about new advances in educational technology. You'll find teachers posting questions and asking advice about using Twitter and other social media sites in the classroom. More than 4,000 Reddit users subscribe to this subreddit.

Early Childhood Education Professionals

The top subreddit for early childhood education and development teachers is the Early Childhood Education Professionals subreddit. This subreddit is home to more than 3,000 users and features a fun design that includes crayons as voting buttons on each post. It features category listings across the top for viewing new, top rated or controversial posts, and you can use the search button to find posts about a specific subject. The professionals using this subreddit often talk about difficult issues like how to quit a job, when to talk to parents about problems with students and the importance of taking time for yourself.

Teachers today need more than just the resources provided by their schools. They also need a place to talk about the problems they experience on the job and a safe place to discuss other things, which they'll find in the top subreddits for early childhood education and development.

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