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Dorm Living Tips

  • Get on Good Terms With Your Neighbors
  • Invest in Shower Shoes
  • Stock Up on Food
  • Get to Know Your Dorm Advisor
  • Have a Lockbox For Your Things

Dorm life can definitely be a good time in more ways than one, but it also comes with its share of challenges at the same time. Many people who have never been in a shared living environment before can find some of the challenges of dorm life to be inconvenient at best and downright unbearable at worst; ultimately, it all depends on just how well-prepared you are to deal with the challenges in advance. The better prepared you are for some of the things that a lot of dorm residents overlook, the easier of a time you will have making the most of your dorm living experience. The following are five of the best tips for living in a dorm successfully.

Get on Good Terms with Your Neighbors

Even the most diligent of us can sometimes fall prey to our own carelessness when we accidentally lock the door behind us on our way out in the morning. When you find that you don't have your key to get back into your room at the end of a long day, the last thing that you're going to be looking forward to is having to wait for the locksmith to come and let you in hours after you've already missed the opportunity to get things done. One of the best things that you can do is to get on good terms with your dorm neighbors so that if you do get locked out, you at least have a chance of having someone else to wait it out with instead of simply sitting down by the door and having nothing to do.

Invest in Shower Shoes

One of the inevitable realities of living in a dorm is the fact that you are going to have to share a bathroom with multiple people. It may be a little bit uncomfortable to have to share the same shower floor surface with so many different people, but you can make things a lot easier by investing in a reliable pair of showers shoes. Having something to cover your feet will make the entire affair a lot more hygienic than otherwise.

Stock Up on Food

One of the best tips for living in a dorm that anyone can give you is to always have the snack situation under control. Don't just rely on the on-campus food service always being available when you're hungry. Sudden power outages and schedule adjustments can quickly make getting food on campus a hassle when the establishments close down unexpectedly. By stocking up on food in your dorm, you can always have access to something to snack on even in unexpected circumstances.

Get to Know Your Dorm Advisor

Living in a dorm necessitates interacting with a lots of highly diverse personalities, and naturally, this opens up the window to some occasional conflict. Getting to know your dorm advisor can be very useful for having a figures to help mediate conflicts that break out over personality differences. By knowing your advisor, you can have a strong lifeline in place to handle situations that require an impartial party to resolve.

Have a Lockbox For Your Things

Though you ideally want to be able to trust everyone that you dorm with, you can never tell just what motivations some strangers may have if they are able to access the dorm unauthorized. By investing in a lockbox, you can ensure that you are able to have your belongings protected from anyone who may have any intentions of appropriating them if they are able to get into your dorm room without being detected.

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