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Many careers require graduate degrees to reach the six-figure income bracket. However, here are five that only require an undergraduate degree. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Six-Figure Income Undergraduate Degrees

  • Makeup Artistry
  • Gaming Management
  • Art Direction
  • Finance
  • Agriculture

When most of us picture the kind of person that makes six figures per year, we rarely visualize anything other than a person who wears suits every day and has anything less than a master's degree. And yet, making six figures per year with just an undergraduate degree isn't just possible - it's more common than one might suppose. Ranging from creative disciplines to finance, an undergraduate degree can take someone a long way into establishing a six-figure income and, eventually, wealth and stability. Here are five undergraduate degrees that yield six-figure incomes.

Makeup Artistry

Makeup artists fulfill a wide variety of roles, from making up news anchors to doing special effects makeup on film and television sets. While many makeup artists work exclusively for one studio, a large number also eke out their living via an entrepreneurial route, dividing their time between multiple studios or projects. Makeup artists may enter the field with only an associate's degree or trade school study in makeup artistry, and can make up to one hundred and twenty thousand per annum.

Gaming Management

Gaming managers oversee casino gaming operations, and are typically responsible for managing employees as well as hiring them. Gaming managers may also see to the development and implementation of house rules, and devise codes of house rule enforcement. Gaming managers can often gain access to this well-paid position with an associate's degree in gaming or casino management, and may enjoy salaries of over a hundred and then thousand per year.

Art Direction

For those inclined towards making visually creative work a large part of their workday, art direction merges the studio art skills of a trained artist with marketing and project management skills. A wide range of majors and minors can lead to the role of art director, such as major in graphic design or studio art with a minor in English, business, or marketing. Art directors enjoy a median income of ninety-five thousand and may earn more than a hundred and sixty thousand a year.


An undergraduate degree in finance, accounting, or economics can lead to a number of roles in the financial industry, from day trading to risk analysis. A financial degree offers a surprising amount of flexion, and some of the best-paid jobs; day traders on Wall Street may earn upwards of five hundred thousand (albeit with long hours and daily flurries of activity). Financial planners may earn in excess of two hundred thousand, depending on clientele and area. Those with a keen mind for numbers may want to consider a financial degree.


If you're a farmhand in Kansas, you're in luck. An undergradate degree in agriculture can lead to management roles in farming and agriculture, particularly in America's bread basket, areas that breed and sell trees for building, fish farms, and wine growing regions like New York and California. Farm managers oversee daily activities, hiring and labor management, and keep close watch on farm finances and subsidies. Agricultural managers may earn up to a hundred and ten thousand per year.

Some of the best-paid jobs don't require long years of study, or that you attend medical or law school. Each of these five degrees offer multiple pathways to challenging and financially rewarding work, representing a spectrum of personality and personal interest. If a six-figure income is what you're reaching for, consider one of these degree programs - and begin your trek towards financial stability.

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