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Every lawyer and paralegal working in the United States today went through some type of law program in college, and many of those professionals still read legal studies blogs as a way to keep up with news in the field. These blogs give you tips that you can use when studying for upcoming tests and preparing for the bar exam. Some blogs will even make you laugh and show you the lighter side of the legal field.

American Injury Attorney Group Blog

If you want to work as a personal injury lawyer, one of the best blogs to read is the American Injury Attorney Group Blog. This blog posts multiple articles nearly every day and places simple tags on the top of the article to let you know what it is about before you click the title and begin reading. It issues a weekly recall report that goes over some of the products on the market recalled and features reports on settlements awarded to those injured in accidents.

Best Legal Assistant

Paralegal studies programs prepare you for working as a paralegal in a law firm. When you enroll in a legal assistant program like this, you should regularly read Best Legal Assistant. Designed specifically for future paralegals, this blog goes over all the important information that you need to know about before going to work and even before enrolling in college. Posts talks about some of the courses available in these programs and offer tips on picking the right classes. You can get help securing an internship or gaining work experience before you graduate too.

When in Law School

The only people who can really understand what life in law school is like are those who are in law school or graduated from law school. When in Law School is a hilarious blog that focuses on the funny things students go through. You might come across short video clips or animated images too that will remind you of your own experiences. Though the minds behind this blog stopped updating it in 2015, it still provides some funny posts that you'll want to share with your law school friends.

Life in Biglaw

One of the most popular legal studies blogs of all time is Life in Biglaw, which got more than three million visits since it first launched. As a Tumblr blog, it uses animated clips and photos with funny phrases imposed over the top that any law school student will find funny. You can visit the home page and view posts in a chronological order from the most recent posts to the first posts. Clicking the random button on the top of the page will load a random post from the past.

Lowering the Bar

One of the funniest law blogs that legal studies and lawyers alike follow is Lowering the Bar. The best thing about this blog is that it puts category listings on the home page. You can use those listings to view posts relating to criminal or civil law as well as government news and articles that are part of a longer or larger series. Posts cover everything from some of the silly decisions that state governments make to trials that are hilarious and ridiculous.

Whether you're in law school or a legal studies program, you might spend so much time studying that you never get the chance to laugh. Reading the right blogs will help you laugh at some of the same topics you study in school. The top legal studies blogs include sites that paralegals will like and those that lawyers and students will find interesting.

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