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Math education scholarships are increasing in numbers to provide financial assistance to aspiring teachers seeking to help students who dislike mathematics realize the enormous role it plays in our everyday lives. Math education offers the opportunity for caring individuals with strong analytical and mathematical skills to pass on their knowledge to another generation. As the ... is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Math education scholarships are increasing in numbers to provide financial assistance to aspiring teachers seeking to help students who dislike mathematics realize the enormous role it plays in our everyday lives.

Math education offers the opportunity for caring individuals with strong analytical and mathematical skills to pass on their knowledge to another generation. As the United States continues to lag behind other countries in math and science scores, STEM education is quickly becoming a top priority. Since STEM-related job creation will grow significantly by 17 percent over the next decade, having more qualified mathematics teachers in classrooms nationwide is crucial to ensure the health of our future economy.

Below we've highlighted 20 of the best scholarships available to cover the cost of undergraduate or graduate teacher preparation coursework for math educators.

#1 Mount Saint Joseph University Cincinnati, OH
#2 Colby College Waterville, ME
#3 Asbury University Wilmore, KY
#4 Anderson University Anderson, SC
#5 Millsaps College Jackson, MS
#6 California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA
#7 Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, IL
#8 Andrews University Berrien Springs, MI
#9 North Central College Naperville, IL
#10 Barnard College New York, NY

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  1. Mount Saint Joseph University

    Cincinnati, OH



    Mount Saint Joseph University's low net price (just over $18,000 a year, on average) makes it one of the most affordable small colleges for math majors in the US. But that's not to say that MSJ is any less competitive than more expensive schools on this list. In fact, MSJ has all the trappings of a highly selective liberal arts college: small class sizes, ample need- and merit-based scholarship opportunities, and student-led research. Math majors at MSJ can also opt for a specialization in a variety of related fields, such as financial economics, web/mobile informatics, or even chemistry.

  2. Colby College

    Waterville, ME



    With an acceptance rate of just over 17%, Colby College is one of the most selective and prestigious liberal arts colleges in the country. Nevertheless, most people don't think of Colby as a mathematics powerhouse. That's because what Colby has to offer its mathematics students are the same things it offers to every student in every department: small class sizes, comprehensive liberal education, and the freedom to pursue their own individualized course of study. Students attend this top small college for a math degree not just to learn about math, but to learn about themselves as well.

  3. Asbury University

    Wilmore, KY



    Like Anderson, Asbury University also offers an impressive selection of degree options for math majors. The sheer number of choices alone is daunting; with degrees in general math, computational math, engineering math, actuarial math, and math education at various grade levels, it's hard to believe students at this small Christian liberal arts college actually have to decide between them every year. But the reason Asbury has such a high mathematics college ranking is because every student is both empowered to make this choice for themselves and given the resources to succeed in the path they have chosen.

  4. Anderson University

    Anderson, SC



    Anderson University distinguishes itself from other top undergraduate math schools by offering not two, not three, but six math degrees at the bachelor level-more than double than most of the schools on this list. In addition to more conventional programs in general mathematics, computer science, and mathematics teaching, Anderson features unique applied math programs in decision science, finance, and economics. Needless to say, students who are interested in using their math degree to pursue a career in industry will surely be drawn to Anderson's extensive selection of applied math programs.

  5. Millsaps College

    Jackson, MS



    With just 760 students (give or take) in the entire school, Millsaps is the smallest of the top small colleges for math majors on this ranking. Size may not be everything, but thanks to Millsaps' diminutive stature, students can expect smaller class sizes, closer relationships with faculty members, and more independence to pursue their own projects. And even despite the fact that Millsaps is less than a quarter of the size of a number of other schools featured on this list, it still offers two distinct math programs in both applied and general mathematics.

  6. California Institute of Technology

    Pasadena, CA



    The California Institute of Technology-also known as CalTech-is widely known as one of the best small colleges for a math degree in the US. Unlike most of the other programs at this STEM institution, the undergraduate math major at CalTech is specifically designed to produce researchers in mathematics-students who will go on to innovate in mathematical fields yet unforeseen. To this end, undergraduate math students at CalTech are all required to take classes in real analysis, abstract algebra, geometry, topology, and even introductory courses in knot theory.

  7. Illinois Institute of Technology

    Chicago, IL



    As one might expect from a tech-oriented university, applied mathematics is the only college math program at the Illinois Institute of Technology. And yet, this singular degree features all the hallmarks of an IIT education: small class sizes, world-class faculty members, interdisciplinary research opportunities, and plenty of student clubs that cater specifically to math lovers. What's more, applied math majors at IIT often work in groups to address real problems facing society, like global warming and cyber-terrorism. This level of focus and commitment carries IIT graduates to great heights in their careers, whether in academia or industry.

  8. Andrews University

    Berrien Springs, MI



    Unlike most of the other top college math programs on this list, Andrews University is unique in that it offers both a traditional math degree as well as a bachelor of science in mathematics education. This makes Andrews an attractive option for aspiring academic and educators alike, both of whom can benefit from many of the other great opportunities available at this school as well. Andrews is also known for supporting its mathematics students both intellectually and financially, in the form of student and faculty co-authorship on research papers as well as numerous merit-based scholarships.

  9. North Central College

    Naperville, IL



    Thanks to a host of student resources and personalized learning opportunities, North Central College makes the study of mathematics seem as intimate as the humanities. Peer tutoring, faculty-led undergraduate research programs, and academic conferences all encourage students to participate in their own education both in and out of the classroom, creating a non-stop environment devoted to learning. This top small college for math majors also features its own chapter of the mathematics honor society, Pi Mu Epsilon, and leverages its partnerships with local schools and software companies to find students internship opportunities year-round.

  10. Barnard College

    New York, NY



    One of the top women's colleges in the country (if not the world), Barnard College is a great choice for female undergraduates who are interested in studying mathematics. While it certainly doesn't hurt that students have unrestricted access to courses and faculty members at nearby Columbia University, Barnard doesn't rely on this prestigious connection to earn its spot on this top mathematics college ranking. And like many of the other programs on this list, Barnard's math department places a strong focus on applied topics. From computational modeling to statistics, this school works hard to make sure its graduates are well-prepared for positions in high-tech and interdisciplinary fields.

If your goal is to teach young people that math can actually be fun, then you'll likely need to complete at least four years in post-secondary education building your quantitative reasoning skills and pedagogical teaching strategies first. Though tuition expenses can be hefty, taking advantage of scholarships, grants, and fellowships is advised to reduce the amount of student loan debt waiting for you after graduation. Consider applying to some of these great math education scholarships today to finance your training and start inspiring future mathematicians.

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