5 Best Value Online Schools In New Jersey

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Updated December 18, 2020

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Best Online Schools in New Jersey

By BVS Staff

Welcome to our best value ranking of online colleges in New Jersey. You may also want to check out our ranking of the overall best affordable online degree programs.

Of the almost 40 different four-year colleges and universities in New Jersey, only about 25% offer significant distance learning opportunities for undergraduates. And of those online-accessible schools, we're bringing you the 5 "best value." These top 5 colleges all earned at least 70 points (out of 100) in our ranking.


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Featured Online Programs

Figuring out where to apply? These top, accredited schools offer a variety of online degrees. Consider one of these accredited programs, and discover their value today.

#1 Thomas Edison State University Trenton, NJ
#2 Stockton University Galloway, NJ
#3 Rutgers University-New Brunswick New Brunswick, NJ
#4 Fairleigh Dickinson University-Metropolitan Campus Teaneck, NJ
#5 Saint Peter's University Jersey City, NJ
  1. Thomas Edison State University

    Trenton, NJ



    Considering all TESU has to offer, it's no wonder it ranks as the top online school in New Jersey. This mostly online college has the lowest in-state tuition rate on the list, and students can choose from dozens of options. Many of these programs (like English, Psychology, and Sociology) are standard at traditional schools but much harder to find online. In addition, TESU offers unique programs like the BS in Applied Science and Technology, which is made even more exceptional by its focus in Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology. But no matter your area of study, you can feel confident in the quality of your degree. In fact, 92 percent of graduates said that their experience was worth the investment.

  2. Stockton University

    Galloway, NJ



    Stockton describes itself as New Jersey's "most distinctive" public university. And while Stockton may have many distinctive qualities, there is at least one that particularly benefits remote learners: its expansive set of online college courses in New Jersey. Both introductory and high-level classes in nearly every field of study are made available online each semester, meaning that undergrads have the flexibility of taking certain classes from home. And for adults with jobs or families, the ability to take classes after hours might be the difference between postponing your education or finally earning the degree you need to advance your career.

  3. Rutgers University-New Brunswick

    New Brunswick, NJ



    Name recognition isn't the only "pro" that Rutgers has going for it. The school also boasts the best graduation rate on this New Jersey top online colleges ranking, a testament to the motivated students who enroll. Admittedly, most of the school's online degrees are postgraduate. Even so, there are a handful of undergraduate programs that will surely appeal to applicants with certain career goals. For example, the degree-completion B.A. in Business Administration and B.S. in Labor and Employment Relations can open the door to a satisfying career in management or human resources. Rutgers is also home to one of the most popular online degrees in the country: the RN to BSN. Through this program, ambitious nurses can access in-depth advising and receive job placement assistance to bolster their career prospects.

  4. Fairleigh Dickinson University-Metropolitan Campus

    Teaneck, NJ



    Don't be alarmed that Fairleigh Dickinson has only one online degree program. Rather, the school's singular online option - a Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies - is actually widely applicable. This is especially true for adults who are pursuing a career in business. Program members take online college courses in New Jersey that strengthen their communication, technology, and management skills. At the same time, electives let them tailor their course of study to their interests. And interestingly, program members are required to complete at least one course that provides an international perspective. Thus, graduates can feel confident that they are ready to work both in the U.S. and abroad. Rolling admissions, year-round start dates, and special reduced tuition rate for participants are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy when you earn your online degree from FDU.

  5. Saint Peter's University

    Jersey City, NJ



    One of only 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the U.S., Saint Peter's has been dedicated to providing a student-centered, value-driven education for nearly 150 years. As such, it makes sense that the school's accredited online degrees in New Jersey include some great service-based options. For example, students can earn their Bachelor of Arts in Education or a Bachelor of Science in Public Policy/Urban Planning. The latter program is a perfect opportunity for community activists and public sector workers to pursue their interest in making change. Regardless of their degree program, all undergraduates will benefit from Saint Peter's 13:1 student-faculty ratio and its focus on experiential learning rather than cut and dry coursework.

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