Shamim Sarif


Shamim Sarif is an award-winning Canadian and British novelist, screenwriter and director, and an advocate for the rights of women and the LGBTQ+ community. 

Her latest book, The Athena Protocol, is a feminist thriller from HarperCollins. The sequel, The Shadow Mission, was released in October 2020. She is developing the TV show with Village Roadshow and Gran Via (Breaking Bad). 

Shamim’s work focuses on themes including social justice, feminism, and humanism; and worlds where characters find a way to freedom from rules imposed by tradition, religion or political systems.  

Shamim’s feature films, all based on her novels, have won 47 awards between them. Titles include The World UnseenI Can’t Think Straight (starring Lisa Ray) and Despite the Falling Snow (Rebecca Ferguson). 

She recently directed Ann Rule’s A House on Fire for Lifetime’s ‘Ripped From the Headlines’ series in Winnipeg, and has also directed Murdoch Mysteries in Toronto. 

She is developing two more features and a slate of TV projects, all focused on women behind and in front of the camera, with her partner and producer, Hanan Kattan