Saturday, March 26, 2022 | 10 am - 2 pm

Susan Lilley

Susan Lilley

Jasmine Young

Jasmine Young

Rachel Simmons

Rachel Simmons

Dr. Lavon W Bracy

Dr. Lavon W Bracy

Schedule of Events

10:00 am : Susan Lilley

Susan Lilley will discuss her poetry and time as Orlando’s inaugural poet laureate, as well as her newest poetry collection, Venus in Retrograde.

10:45 am : Jasmine Young

Local young adult author Jasmine Young will share her journey to becoming an author and the importance of inspiring young people to reach their highest potential.

11:30 am : Rachel Simmons

Rachel Simmons, Professor of Art at Rollins College, will share her book arts practice with a focus on her recent works Fractured Fathers, Birds of the World, and An Other Story.

12:15 pm : Dr. Lavon W Bracy

Dr. Lavon W Bracy will talk about her children’s book, A Brave Little Cookie, which is the story of a girl called “Cookie” who represented every black girl and boy in her city by integrating the school system in Gainesville, Florida.

1:00 pm : Book Sale

All of our participating authors will have books available for sale.

10:00 am – 2:00 pm : Book Arts Guild of Central Florida Presents

Experience the intersection of books and art with the Book Arts Guild of Central Florida. Stop by the Memory Lab during the Winter Park Book Festival to learn more and try some hands on crafts.

Learn more about the Book Arts Guild of Central Florida here:

Venus in Retrograde by Susan Lilley
Storm Fire cover by Jasmine Young
Queen of Diamonds by Jasmine Young book cover
Flameborn by Jasmine Young book cover
Fractured Fathers by Rachel Simmons
Birds of the World by Rachel Simmons
An Other Story by Rachel Simmons
A Brave Little Cookies by Dr. Lavon W Bracy

About the Festival

The Winter Park Book Festival is Saturday, March 26, 2021, from 10am – 2pm. It seeks to promote Winter Park Public Library as an arts and cultural destination; attract and recognize authors, publishers, and readers from around Florida; highlight the importance of reading and literacy throughout the community; recognize Winter Park authors.

The Winter Park Library’s Book Festival Planning Team works to invite and select authors for inclusion in the Book Festival. Please complete the Contact Us form below if you have further questions about the event or wish to participate in the future.

Authors who participate in the Book Festival will be able to sell their work at the end of the event. The authors will have tables on the first floor of the library and in the Edyth Bush Theatre where attendees will be able to purchase books. Authors will use their own resources to facilitate sales.

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